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For registered about implementation in domestic domain name system urgent notice the inventory

Dear users:

    In order to implement the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Regulation on mobile phone pornography further special action program" (Ministry of Industry and power management [2009] Document No. 672) of the spirit, while the effective implementation of the recently CNNIC issued a "carry on a registered domain name system inventories" which called for strict implementation of the domain name registration applicant shall submit true and accurate and complete information about domain name registration requirements, from now on, will be December 14, 2009 AM successful registration, 9 am to carry out a comprehensive national inventory of domain names, domain name registration information in order to ensure the authenticity, accuracy and completeness. Detailed inventory of work as follows:

In the January 31, 2010 to domain name holders to submit identity documents to the Board for review:

A. Organization of the domain name holder is a legal entity shall submit the organization code certificate (scanned documents), the registered contact ID (scanned, the second generation ID card required to submit documents at the same time positive and negative content, please scan the front and back with a piece of paper.)

B. domain name holder is an individual, shall be submitted for registration contact ID (scanned), please note that written proof of identity and domain name registration materials must be consistent with the information.

For your convenience, to provide the above materials are for all 14 December 2009 registered domestic domain, log on to the domain owner verification system,> please use your domain name and domain name management password (Please note that this password can be in our company Domain Management in the query: verify registration password) to log platform completion, confirm and submit your domain name related materials.

Domain name registration information is true, accurate and complete information to combat spread of vulgar obscenity, spam, phishing and other illegal or unhealthy behaviors important means of application. Meanwhile, domain name registration information as a domain name rights transfer, the right to change information on credentials, but also the legitimate rights and interests of domain name holders are protected and important basis for the premise. Our company will strictly implement the domain name registration information on the authenticity, accuracy and integrity of the audit, please user support and cooperation, thank you!

For January 31, 2010 did not submit written materials related to the domestic domain names, domain name resolution will be suspended!

Please be sure to give the user great importance to this work! Thank you for your support and cooperation!


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January 18, 2010


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