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How to obtain a commercial license MetInfo website management system?

Method one, to participate in "personalized Web site templates for commercial licensing activities"
Provide a consistent "MetInfo user manual" templates to create standardized requirements of the enterprise site templates, they can apply for a permanent business license. Specific requirements are as follows:
1) to amend the Crown or the existing templates need to have a template with the style and features a clear distinction;
2) The template file should be consistent with "MetInfo user manual" templates to create specifications, all files complete and orderly;
3) The template home page section, all relevant contact information and important information can be modified by the background configuration;

Second method, the purchase of official access to the corresponding virtual space free commercial license duration
Buy the official virtual space, free access to the appropriate length of time the business license renewals only the second year they can continue to enjoy free access to space for commercial license, so MetInfo business enterprise website management system license fee has been 0; details, please refer to http : / / / web / promotion.htm;

Method three, direct purchase of a permanent business license
500 regular edition, Advanced Edition of 1,000 yuan, more details, please refer to

Commercial license FAQ:
1, has been 100% open source Why should receive a commercial license fees?
Official answer: MetInfo enterprise website management system is a 100% open source enterprise Web site management system, for personal websites and non-profit website is free to use forever, if you are a unit of the user and our system will be used for commercial purposes, We need to charge the appropriate copyright royalties to maintain the software development costs and further development, including but not limited to commercial users, enterprises, institutions, government departments, schools, etc; of course you can also participate in our promotions, free access to business authorization.

2 What are the benefits to get a commercial license?
Official Answer: As well as the authority of official business, you can enjoy the appropriate level of official technical support services.

3, which sites do not need to purchase the license? How to distinguish between personal and unit Web site?
Official Answer: All personal website (not restricted as to use), non-profit sites do not need to purchase commercial rights unit, but without the business license, do not allow the official to remove the copyright information. Personal Web site is a site all the information in their personal capacity (including non-registered individual and individual industrial and commercial businesses) showed the commercial and non-commercial Web site to personal domain name registered in the name and the record company's website, but not for the publicity personal website category.


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