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MetInfo enterprise website management system on the website compared to the advantages of self-developed construction company

1. Lower prices, construction sites, the company developed the system, the average development cost will be in a thousand dollars, even if the site construction company has developed a system using their own station, a number of individual needs of customers also need secondary development, the use of MetInfo enterprise website management system to meet the functional requirements of most enterprises sites, and the cost is very low, even zero;
2. Function better, the system more secure, MetInfo enterprise website management system has undergone many users, a variety of test running environment, and being constantly improved and upgraded, thus contributing to the system function will continue to improve, more stable and security;
3. Web site more marketing power, MetInfo enterprise website management system with built-in SEO optimization mechanism and the static page generation, so that the website more easily be extended more easily indexed by search engines, keyword ranking easier to upgrade;
4. Perfect technical support services, according to the user selected service level, m extension to provide a forum official support business users, QQ \ MSN, Email, telephone and other technical support, and was not due to restructuring of the company's establishment of the station code No maintenance and upgrade;
5. Exchange more convenient, MetInfo enterprise website management system 100% open source, has a huge user base, the user can in the official technical forum and communicate with each other through other means;
6. More likely to replace the site style, MetInfo enterprise website management system using the station, with excellent prospects templates can see the contents of the front all through the background control, allowing users to manage web site with ease; when companies want to change a Website style, the company developed the site to re-development and design of the system is different, companies only need to redesign the site style, without having to re-add the data and the development of site background;


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